CLEANEXPO Krasnodar 2024 results


On April 23-25, 2024, Expograd Yug hosted the International Exhibition of equipment and products for professional cleaning, sanitation, hygiene, dry cleaning and washing CleanExpo Krasnodar, which takes place in the South of Russia once every 3 years.

CLEANEXPO Krasnodar 2024 results
The largest companies on the market, numerous business negotiations, interactive presentations and test drives of products, industry trends, a practice-oriented business program, case analysis, networking with experts were expected by specialists of the cleanliness industry for three days.


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45 companies from 16 regions of Russia demonstrated their products in Krasnodar this year, setting a kind of record for the number of participants among all regional CleanExpo exhibitions!


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The companies presented at the exhibition a full range of equipment, inventory and tools necessary for specialists in the cleanliness industry: scrubbing equipment, spare parts and consumables for it, cleaning equipment, professional detergents, cleaning materials, paper sanitary products, dispensers, hand dryers, washing, dry cleaning and drying equipment, chemicals for washing and stain removal, accessories and consumables, ironing and finishing equipment, self-service laundry franchises.


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Another distinctive feature of the exhibition in Krasnodar was the significant expansion of the section "Dry cleaning and Laundry". Visitors were able to choose equipment for washing, dry cleaning, ironing and finishing at the stands of Koblenz&Partner, AMG, Kolomna`s Dvoriki, ProfEquip, Trade Design, Samprachka and Roskholod. Professional laundry and dry cleaning products were presented at the stands of SANA Group, GraSS, Dezon and other companies.

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More than ten premieres were held at the exhibition. The participants brought to Krasnodar both their new products and already popular solutions. Among them were:
  • BENNETT Company (Profstroy LLC) presented new solutions of the Bennett, Chancee and Kedi professional cleaning equipment brands at the exhibition;
  • For the first time in Krasnodar, a multifunctional Pudu cleaning robot from SPI Robotics was shown. He aroused the increased interest of visitors at exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2023;
  • The NT 22/1 Ap Bp L Pack rechargeable wet and dry vacuum cleaner and the SG 4/2 Classic steam cleaner could be seen at the KARCHER stand;
  • The Spacevac high-altitude cleaning system, the TLO 1500 vacuum sweeper, the Top maneuverable scrubber and the T-line R17 rotary network single-disc machine were presented at the T-COMPANY stand;

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  • FAETON company, the official distributor of the Welland and ARTRED brands in Russia, presented its bestsellers, the multifunctional push-pull scrubber Wellland F50P and compact FD85, as well as new scrubbers, water pumps and rotors;
  • High-performance floor scrubbing machines with seat control OXLIFT NR530 and Tateo X7 were introduced by LIFTRUS;
  • VinnerMyer brand demonstrated its line of cleaning equipment, including scrubbers and sweepers, vacuum cleaners and rotary single-disc machines;
  • Bags for cleaners and covers for equipment of the BAG FOR CLEANING brand (Osinkin), as well as a wide range of cleaning equipment, inventory and professional chemicals could be seen at the stand of the Sigur company, well known to Krasnodar clinicians;
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  • GraSS, the largest manufacturer of auto chemicals, household chemicals and professional cleaning products, presented several of its new products at once. Resto PRO is a line of concentrated products that covers all cleaning areas in the restaurant sector, a professional line of Ready-to-use format cleaning products.
  • A full range of innovative cleaning equipment, cleaning materials, professional chemicals and cleaning supplies could be selected at the SYR stand;
  • The online platform Qugo has introduced a service for automating work with the self-employed, individuals and sole proprietors in the field of cleaning. Avito presented services for the promotion of cleaning companies and customer search;
  • Various modifications of the EWA electric trolley, a universal assistant for a janitor, significantly increasing work efficiency, were demonstrated by the NKT team;
  • The Russian brand FROJER presented its developments in the field of combating flying insects, including models for outdoor use in rain conditions;
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  • All the variety of cleaning materials and tools were presented at the stands of ROSMOP, FiberHan, and many professional paper and hygiene products could be found at the stands of PROTissue and Kuban-Papir (Plushe);
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  • At the stand of the Kolomna`s Dvoriki company, the sprung washing and wringing machine of the SP series was presented, the most popular model for processing any type of laundry, of a unique design, ensuring the perfect quality of the result;
  • The equipment of the Veit and Girbau brands was presented at its stand and as part of the business program by KOBLENZ&PARTNER;
  • Luxury dry cleaning machines based on perchloroethylene, new AMG washing and drying machines, as well as a line of professional Ecolab chemicals were presented by AMG;
  • Fagor and Tolon high-speed washing machines, Tolon dryer, as well as GMP and PONY ironing equipment were shown to visitors by the Trade Design company;
  • ProfEquip presented its own brand of chemicals and laundry equipment Fermest, which was the result of many years of work on equipping hotels and other HORECA facilities, and also announced the opening of a branch in Sochi;
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4 more large-scale events were held simultaneously with CleanExpo Krasnodar: food industry exhibitions InterFood Krasnodar, KubanProdexpo, Vinorus.Vinotech and an exhibition for food production specialists, FoodTech Krasnodar.

The CleanExpo Krasnodar exhibition was visited by 685 specialists: representatives of cleaning companies, dry cleaners and laundries, trading companies selling products for professional cleaning, sanitation, hygiene, dry cleaning and laundry, as well as specialists from their own cleaning services of organizations in various industries.

Thanks to the large-scale synergy of exhibitions, CleanExpo Krasnodar participants had a unique opportunity to additionally negotiate and find new customers from among representatives of food and beverage manufacturers, as well as catering enterprises, including specialists in cleaning and procurement services of HoReCa segment enterprises.

The hall where all the exhibitions were held was visited by 6,235 specialists in three days.

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During all three days, the specialists were expected to have a rich business program with the participation of leading experts of the Russian cleanliness industry Taras Dudar, Anna Likhacheva, Marina Reshetnikova, Olga Kravchenko, Nadezhda Bagretz, Marina Heinz and many others.


The partner of the business program was Bennett company (Profstroy LLC), a supplier of professional cleaning equipment.

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The focus of the business program events turned out to be the most relevant topics for specialists: sales of services, interaction with staff in the field of cleaning, effective management accounting methods in cleaning companies, work with commercial facilities, ways of promotion for companies in the field of cleaning and dry cleaning, legal and technological aspects of dry cleaners and laundries (with the assistance of the Industrial Union of Dry Cleaners and laundries) and others. A panel discussion was held for hoteliers with the participation of the AMOS Hoteliers Association. The participants of the exhibition shared practical cases and solutions on the topic of using their products within the framework of the Gallery of Practical Solutions.

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For all three days, workshops and master classes by Taras Dudar, an expert in professional cleanliness and hygiene, were held at the PROF ARENA demonstration site.

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April 24 was declared a Day for textile care professionals. On this day, a series of specialized events were held for the specialists of the dry cleaners and laundries segment. 

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The partner of the Day for textile care specialists was SANTAS, a supplier of professional equipment from leading brands for laundries and dry cleaners.
In total, more than 35 thematic events were held in two open conference halls.

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The CleanExpo prize draw, popular among visitors, was held daily at the exhibition in Krasnodar. All visitors of the exhibition could take part in sweepstakes of useful prizes from participating companies, and the most successful ones left with gift packages.
The partners of the prize draw were the following companies: Avito, Sigur, Samprachka, Axel, Ozone, Opticom, Armis, Qugo.
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The next regional exhibition, CleanExpo Ural, will be held in Yekaterinburg on April 22-24, 2025.
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The flagship all-Russian exhibition CleanExpo Moscow will be held on November 19-21, 2024 at Crocus Expo in Moscow. 
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