BUZIL professional products at an exhibition in Novosibirsk


We are pleased to inform you that BUZIL will present CleanExpo Novosibirsk | PULIRE 2022 detergents for cleaning. BUZIL are unique and versatile professional solutions for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

BUZIL professional products at an exhibition in Novosibirsk
The widest range of BUZIL products allows you to select and most professionally solve any, even the most complex, task in the field of cleaning on any surface. The high cost-effectiveness of using BUZIL products allows you to clean a number of surfaces at the rate of: 1 liter of concentrate per area from 100 to 700 sq.m for general cleaning and up to 7500 sq.m for daily cleaning.

In the BUZIL line, in addition to cleaning and detergents, there are innovative surface protection products.

The German plant BUZIL has been supplying high-tech innovative products to more than 35 industrialized countries for a long period of time. Leading Russian cleaning companies in various service segments are already using BUZIL products in their work, highly appreciating the quality and efficiency of BUZIL.
Check out BUZIL products at CleanExpo Novosibirsk | PULIRE April 19–21, 2022 in Novosibirsk, aThe State Public Scientific Technological Library.

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